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Raid Boss Max CP capture values with active Weather boost

(Source: pokemongohub.net) About the table above With the new weather additions to Pokémon Go, there have been many different changes to the gameplay, specifically a difference in spawns favored by weather, CP boosts, 25% stardust boosts when weather affected Pokémon are caught, and power boosts for weather affected […]

9 smart home gifts for a smarter smart home

(Source: techcrunch.com) The Echo Dot is fantastic. It’s small, cheap and still works like its bigger siblings. The retail price is $50 but it can be had for much less with holiday sales. The Echo Dot can do everything: play music, tell the weather, control smart home devices […]

Orisa Gets Puppy

(Source: kotaku.com) Image credit: Blizzard. The new Overwatch holiday event, Winter Wonderland, has begun. ‘Tis the season for new skins and emotes, now with puppies (!!!). This event’s smorgasbord of skins sees everybody ready to frolic about in the wintery weather… except Junkrat, who looks like he just […]