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Why Executives Underinvest in Cybersecurity

(Source: hbrengage.wins.net) ABOUT THE EVENT C-level executives know that cyber threats are growing and costly. Yet decision makers often use the wrong mental models to help them determine how much investment is necessary and where to invest to protect their organizations. Some see cybersecurity as a fortification process […]

Make Work Meaningful for Your Freelancers, Too

(Source: hbr.org) It’s your job as a manager to make work meaningful for the members of your team. But what about the freelancers with whom you work? Have you stopped to consider how they’re finding purpose in their careers? There are six drivers that freelancers repeatedly cite when […]

10 must-read leadership books for 2018

(Source: enterprisersproject.com) Are you planning to catch up on some reading over the holiday break? If so, you may want to check out our top picks below. We’ve rounded up 10 compelling books for IT and business leaders, each of which is sure to offer guidance and nuggets […]