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Nintendo Games Still Don’t Feel Right On Mobile

(Source: kotaku.com) So far, Nintendo’s mobile offerings have been pretty good. They’re also frustrating. Nintendo resisted mobile games for a long time, but finally relented in 2016 when they released the app Miitomo. Though I deleted it long ago, I still have fond memories of it. You’d dress […]

The New Animal Crossing Stinks

(Source: gizmodo.com) All Images: Nintendo/Screenshot Moderately motion sick and stuck on a Connecticut-bound bus this Thanksgiving Eve, I downloaded the pick-me-up I was certain my brain required: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. And crossed the animals did, over a shaky cellular connection and onto my iPhone as the bus […]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: The Review

(Source: kotaku.com) Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the new sequel of Nintendo’s cute neighborhood series for cellphones, is Animal Crossing but a bit more stressful. I love it and hate it at the same time. Pocket Camp takes elements from a few different Animal Crossing games and shoves them […]