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Battle Chef Brigade: The Review

(Source: kotaku.com) Battle Chef Brigade asks: What if you had to kill a Hydra before competing in Iron Chef? It’s a winning premise, and one that scaffolds the many-headed cooking game’s endless charms. Out today on PC and Switch, Battle Chef Brigade is one-part puzzler, one-part platformer and […]

The battle for control of data could be just starting

(Source: techcrunch.com) Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon happily take our data in exchange for convenience, lower prices or free services, but individuals and businesses are beginning to understand the value of controlling their data instead of simply handing it over to the world’s largest technology companies. The […]

Philippine troops abused rights in Marawi battle: Amnesty

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com) The US-backed military campaign to retake Marawi claimed the lives of more than 1,100 people including around 900 militants, displaced 400,000 residents and reduced large parts of the city to rubble Philippine troops detained and tortured civilians trying to flee a besieged southern city during a […]