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Family Guy Theory: The Real Reason Not Everyone Can Understand Stewie

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Family guy is a show that is so beloved that it’s fan base has never waned, and they’ve even saved it from cancellation altogether! And while fans love the show as it is, they can’t help but dig deep into what is behind the scenes to try and figure out what the creators just might be hiding in plain sight. The theories about this show are numerous, each more creative and interesting than the last! But one in particular might answer a couple of big questions about the show.
Since the beginning, fans and critics alike have wondered one thing: who exactly can understand Stewie? It seems like sometimes people can, and other times the have no idea what he’s saying. The only one who is consistent is Stewie’s best friend and dog, Brian. But why is this? Well, some fans think they have found the answer. They believe that the entire show actually takes place from Stewie’s perspective, and everything we see is filtered through his imagination! That’s why the only person who really gets him is his family dog, because just like any small child, his dog is his best friend. So Peter’s outlandish behaviour might just be a dad acting silly to make his son laugh, Lois’s strictness is because she is always taking care of Stewie even when he doesn’t want it, Meg and Chris are classic siblings who sometimes hear him and other times ignore him, and really, only Stewie can hear his British accent at all!

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