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Twilly d’Hermès le bain: Luxury meets youthful indulgence with these bubbly bathtime offerings from Hermès

(Source: buro247.sg)

We live in an era where just about everything is cause for commemoration. Scored yourself that exclusive limited edition Gucci candle? Send off a celebratory Tweet about it. Snagged the latest Fenty concealer right before they flew off the shelves? Humble brag it on Facebook. Achieved that ideal bathroom shelfie? Pin it on your IG highlights reel.

The latter is especially relatable. After all, nothing inspires #instaenvy quite like Jackie Aina’s shelving situation (or any other top MUA in the biz right now, really). To achieve said aesthetic, selecting the most visually striking products to display is elemental. 

Our pick? Frankly anything from Hermès’s new smell-like-a-million-bucks bath line: Twilly d’Hermès le bain. Inspired by their iconic narrow silk scarves (aka the Twilly), the range aims to bring a splash of joy and a wave of vitality into the bathrooms of Hermès girls via luxurious textures that melt like butter on skin. Pick from a shower cream, moisturising lotion, body balm, deodorant spray and soaps — all of which comes in candy coloured packaging that is sure to make a striking addition to any vanity shelf.

Below, the full range. Start saving your coins: 

Twilly d’Hermès le bain Shower Cream, $89: A gentle, ultra-rich formula that will make leaving the tub every morning that much more difficult.Twilly d’Hermès le bain Moisturising Lotion, $92: Light, silky, and absorbed instantaneously to hydrate Sahara Desert-esque skin.Twilly d’Hermès le bain Deodorant Spray, $89: Because we’d all like to keep B.O. where it is — in the distant past.Twilly d’Hermès le bain Body Balm, $65: A travel-sized lotion for all your jet-setting and moisturising needs.Twilly d’Hermès le bain Soap, $111: Available in a set of three and guaranteed to smell fantastic perched on a soap dish.

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