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Shocking ‘Before And After’ Pictures of Miss Venezuela Go Viral

(Source: herstyleasia.com)

Dramatic ‘before and after pictures of Miss Venezuela plastic surgery have made its rounds on social media, shocking fans worldwide of its differences.

Froilan Paez, a doctor specializing in ‘aesthetic and functional nasal surgery’ according to his Instagram bio, uploaded the photos of Miss Venezuela plastic surgery on Instagram.

Dr Paez shared the pictures of  Miss Venezuela plastic surgery with his more than 188,000 followers, while tagging Gutierrez in the photos, complimenting her as ‘a real diamond,’ and drawing her own 1.1 million followers into the pictures.  

The pictures showcased side-by-side shots of the Miss Universe 2018 second runner up, reflecting the differences of Sthefany Gutierrez’s facial features before and after undergoing particular surgery procedures. In particular, her nose. 

Miss Venezuela Plastic Surgery Shocks Netizens, But Sthefany Unfazed

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A post shared by DR FROILAN PAEZ S (@froilanpaez) on Dec 24, 2018 at 2:17pm PST

Hashtags such as #rhinoplasty, #mentoplasty, #otoplasty were indicated in the post’s caption, prompting fans to guess that Gutierrez had her nose, chin and ear enhanced.

Since the pictures were shared by Paez on Christmas day, it had garnered over 23,000 likes and 2,700 comments as of posting.

Dr Paez had previously shared photos of the beauty queen, one just after she was crowned runner up in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant, which was tagged with “#nosejob” and “#rhinoplasty”.

Additionally, he often shares before and after pictures of his other clients on his Instagram, and it would seem that Gutierrez is not the first pageant star he has worked with.

Dr Paez also posted photos of Miss Teen World 2018 Victoria Buhazi recently, tagging it with #rhinoplasty and #nosejob.

Buhazi has not responded to the post, but it seems like more women are becoming open and comfortable with their choice to undergo plastic surgery, if Gutierrez’s example is anything to go by.

Miss Venezuela Thanked Her Surgeon Publicly, Despite The Backlash

While many will be quick to deny similar accusations, Gutierrez was seemingly transparent about her surgeries. She thanked Dr Paez for his ‘excellent work’ publicly on social media, knowing full well it will be read by others.

The Venezuelan beauty queen left a comment on the viral Instagram post, which when translated in English, reads, miss venezuela plastic surgery

Screengrab courtesy: @froilanpaez

“Thank you so much for your professional attention and excellent work. The best! See you soon!” hinting that there may be future plans for further surgeries.

The Quest For ‘Perfection’ Is REAL

It is unconfirmed when Gutierrez underwent cosmetic surgery, whether she did it before or after joining Miss Universe 2018.

Reportedly, Venezuela, the country where Gutierrez came from, encourages surgeries among beauty pageant candidates, and there is no rule there that prohibits contestants from undergoing plastic surgery.  

Paula Shugart, who heads the Miss Universe Organization, confirmed this.

“We don’t encourage it, but we don’t prohibit it, either,” Shugart said, referring to cosmetic surgery.

“Miss Universe in the 21st century wants to be a reflection of the world we live in, so we really don’t have a problem with contestants that had some kind of procedure done,” she added.

Shugart’s comments are simply a reflection of the Venezuelan nation’s obsession with creating a production line of pageant winners. The country prides itself in getting the most number of crowns and generating one of the highest numbers of beauty queens in the world. It’s no wonder then that Miss Venezuela plastic surgery wasn’t such a big deal back home. 

While we think this is a totally personal decision, what exactly did Sthefany Gutierrez get done? Read on below to understand further into the depth of Miss Venezuela plastic surgery procedures!

Rhinoplasty Is Simply A Nose Job

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A post shared by Sthefany?Gutierrez?Gutierrez? (@sthefanygutierrez1) on Jan 22, 2018 at 4:31pm PST

A rhinoplasty is surgery on the nose to change its shape or improve its function, according to WebMd.

A nose job can be done for medical reasons. For instance, to correct breathing problems related to the nose, or fix nose disfigurement resulting from trauma or birth defects.

It can also be done for aesthetic reasons to change the nose’s shape and appearance. In Gutierrez’s case, it may have been done more for cosmetic reasons than medical problems. 

Mentoplasty Refers To Chin Surgery

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A post shared by Sthefany?Gutierrez?Gutierrez? (@sthefanygutierrez1) on Nov 29, 2017 at 7:13am PST

Also known as genioplasty or chinplasty, mentoplasty refers to plastic surgery procedures for the chin, and helps reshape a chin that is out of proportion to other facial features.

This procedure looks to correct deformities of the chin resulting from developmental abnormalities of the bones in the jaw. It also improves signs of facial asymmetry.  

Otoplasty Changes the Ears

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A post shared by Sthefany?Gutierrez?Gutierrez? (@sthefanygutierrez1) on Apr 7, 2017 at 6:44pm PDT

According to Mayo Clinic, otoplasty, a widely known as cosmetic ear surgery, is a procedure to transform the shape, position or size of the ears.

Those considering otoplasty are usually bothered by how far the ears stick out from the head. Or if the ears are larger in proportion to the head.

While there are no confirmed reports on whether Miss Venezuela has had all of these procedures done. There has been no rebuttal from her as well.  

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