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Petition · Support Vassili Mironov in recognition for service and sacrifice. · Change.org

(Source: change.org)

My name is Raymond A Calderon.

I am writing this letter in regards to a sensitive matter involving what could have been the worst mass-shooting in recent US History. To begin with, we are not seeking to change or influence any legislation that undermines our constitutional rights, we are simply seeking that our representatives recognize and honor a local hero Vassili Mironov for his selfless sacrifice, and bring awareness of how municipal and County officals handled the situation. I am a long time Friend and former professional co-worker of Mr. Mironov.

Vassili Mironov is a legally naturalized US Citizen and a Disabled Veteran of the US Navy. Many who know his story including myself firmly believe that Mr. Mironov wasn’t treated fairly or equally by the elected officials within the administration of Flagler County Sheriff’s office. The reason we are stating this: On the 15th of March, 2014 Mr. Mironov was responsible for stopping a Mass Shooting that involved a mentally deranged man from shooting up a crowd of people and was nearly killed in the process. This was a hate crime but was not treated as such. What happened next is very sad and almost unbelievable. Mr. Mironov was mistreated by local law enforcement.

All of this is covered in the news
articles attached exhibits A through L to allow viewing of mentioned links which covers every detail. We intend on providing all the needed proof of support including signatures and similar letter like this for Mr. Mironov to be recognized and also have his unlawful and discriminatory arrest that was retaliation of Flagler County law enforcement.


A: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/gunman-dressed-like-rambo-tackled-by-restaurant


B: https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/palm-coast-lounge-patrons-tackle-gunman-dressed


C: https://flaglerlive.com/65193/european-village-mironov/

D: https://flaglerlive.com/72240/mironov-auriemma/

E: https://flaglerlive.com/105656/mironov-settlement/

F: https://flaglerlive.com/65480/noble-bova/

G: https://flaglerlive.com/73345/daniel-noble-competency/

H: https://flaglerlive.com/103036/european-village-attacker


I: https://flaglerlive.com/98487/noble-treatment-indiana/

J: And the real Hero is…. Daniel Noble. Termed a Hero after trying to commit a premeditated

mass shooting through a hate crime…… :

K: https://flaglerlive.com/108589/daniel-noble-probation/

The only recognition that he received was this:

L: https://peacefestival.us/pressreleases/local-heroes-recognized-during-international-peace-film-festival

More Info: change.org

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