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13 People Share Their Scariest Paranormal Experiences

(Source: collegehumor.com)

I went to a graveyard at about midnight with a group of friends to visit an old friend who died in a car accident. While we were standing around his grave, telling good stories about him, I hear a faint voice of an elderly woman. One of my friends says out loud “Oh shit, wtf?” I stand up and look toward the source. I saw a very old woman, literally dressed in a white tattered night gown about 100ft away. She started talking to us.

“Sir?? Get over here now, I need help!”

We stood still. No one said a thing. The part that weirded me out was that she used the singular word “Sir” when clearly there was five of us. She started walking closer and started speaking again but even louder.

“Boys, I need your help NOW.”

Note the plurality. Then, she literally started RUNNING toward us, screaming nonsense. We were all scared out of our minds so we ran back to the car, with this old woman close behind.

We reached the car, which was a 2-door, and everyone got in before me. Including the driver, so the driver’s seat was blocking my entrance to the back seat. I yelled as I approached the car and he got out and let me in. Doors slammed and we flew down the small graveyard roads to the opposite side, where the exit was.

This is where shit got WEIRD.

We get to the other side of the graveyard in like 10 seconds. We’re speeding toward the exit, and we approach a curved road that was well lit. AND THE OLD LADY RAN ONTO THE ROAD! No way she RAN over there that fast. I see her trying to chase us down and finally she lets out the most terrifying scream I’ve ever heard. Sounded like she was being murdered slowly and painfully. We fled the scene just seconds after and never returned.

Four other friends of mine can testify as witnesses to that night. By far the most terrifying experience in my life.

TLDR; Was visiting a graveyard at midnight, an old woman dressed in a white night gown chased us down screaming bloody murder.

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