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Snooki Confesses She’s Super Cranky, Nauseous & Bloated With Baby #3: How She’s Coping

(Source: hollywoodlife.com)

Every pregnancy is different — and this one is giving Snooki a run for her money! The reality star opened up to HL EXCLUSIVELY about why this is ‘the worst of all of them.’

Snooki, 31, is so pumped to welcome her baby to the world, but that doesn’t mean her third pregnancy has been easy! In fact, the reality star who shares Lorenzo, 6, and Giovanna, 4, with her husband Jionni LaValle, 31, is struggling this time around, she revealed to Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s definitely the worst of all of them. Lorenzo, I wasn’t really that nauseous so I was eating everything in sight. Giovanna, I was getting married two months after I delivered her so that was all working out and fitness — I felt great with her. And then this one, I don’t know if my body’s older and it’s the third kid and everything’s just used up down there internally, but I feel nauseous all the time, super tired, super cranky. I feel like I just don’t have my body. I’m giving my body up to a little human to become alive.”

But even though she’s “just not feeling it this time,” one of the gifts she received over the holidays is helping. “My husband actually got me a Peleton for Christmas so I’ve been going on that every single day just getting my body moving,” Snooki said. She’s been documenting this on her Instagram, even letting her daughter try out the stationary bike in a hilarious video, but she’s also showed off her morning sickness. Who could forget the time she posed for a pic while praying to the porcelain god? “Happy Friday!” she captioned the shot. “#PregnantProblems JesusTakeTheWheel.”

With so much struggle this time around, is Snooki still interested in growing her family? “I always wanted 4 kids,” she admitted. “I would love to have one more baby, but it’s all up to my husband. He said if we had another boy that maybe we’d have another.” Whatever the case, it’ll be awhile before she and Jionni start trying since she’s due in June. The Jersey Shore star is hoping to deliver a couple weeks early like she has both times before so she can spend the summer with her three babies. Aw!

And speaking of her brood, what do Lorenzo and Giovanna think about getting a younger sib? “They’re super excited,” she said. “We’ve been telling them since August. They’ve been planning and talk about the baby’s room and how they’re going to hold the baby. I’m hoping once the baby gets here it’ll calm them down a little bit because they’re so hyper and they’re running around, always fighting.”

We’ve got to give Snooki props for handling this difficult pregnancy with two little ones in the house. She gets help from her husband, of course, but she’s got more on her plate than just motherhood. Recall the reality star opened the Snooki Shop in Madison, New Jersey at the end of 2018 — a “nice little boutique” that sells seasonal clothing and accessories.

How does she do it all? So impressive! Here’s to hoping the rest of her pregnancy gets easier so this hardworking momma can get a much-deserved break.

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