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Challenge: Doodle This Cat Photo To Give Him New Adventures (20+ Pics)

(Source: purrworld.com)

It started with a funny meme picture of cute little cat sitting like a human. People from all around the world began doodling on the picture and made it even more funny. We’re providing you the doodle-less picture as well so you can participate in giving this kitty an adventure!

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#1 Don’t Disturb Me! I’m Reading A Book

#2 Skateboarding

#3 I Am A Lovely Puppy Of A Witch

#4 Attempt To Achieve A Beautiful Waistline!

#5 To Me, It’s Easy To Do Chores

#6 Donald Trump

#7 Better Than Skateboarding

#8 Haircat

#9 Butterball Cat

#10 Princess Cat Diaries

More Info: purrworld.com

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