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The mystery behind United’s secret, ultra-elite airline status

(Source: qz.com)

When Alison Levine travels via United Airlines, she doesn’t bother showing up at the airport two hours ahead of her flight.

Levine arrives just as her flight is due to board. She doesn’t waste time in line at security, nor does she have to line up and wait to board the plane. Levine is greeted by airline staff. Flight attendants pay her special attention, taking her meal and drink orders ahead of other passengers. When her flight is a few minutes late arriving, a Mercedes SUV is dispatched to pick Levine up on the tarmac and drive her directly to her connecting gate.

Levine is one of United’s best customers, and as such, she has been granted entrance into Global Services, the airline’s “invitation-only” loyalty program. It’s the frequent flyer equivalent of getting into Harvard.

More Info: qz.com

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