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Kitten Join The Gang Of 3 Huskies After Being Saved By One Of Them

(Source: purrworld.com)

A year ago, Rosie the kitten’s life was in danger, and the chance of recovery is small. However, Rosie was saved by Lilo the Husky. Thus, she recovered big time and found herself a loving home.

The owners of Lilo are three animal loving sisters who live in California. “Ever since we were little, we would take in strays and feed them! We raise money through selling dog bows and bandanas and all proceeds go towards our TNR projects that we do for feral cats! You can follow our TNR projects on Finnysfinds on Instagram,” said the owners.

Below are pictures of Rosie with her endearing family. Let’s hope they stay forever that way!

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More Info: purrworld.com

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