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‘Shop Contest: Agent 47’s Vacation, Winners!

(Source: kotaku.com)

Last week, I asked you all to give Agent 47 of the Hitman franchise a well-deserved break. He’s been doing game stuff for so long, and I think he needs some R&R. You didn’t disappoint me.

Dancing. Singing. Fishing. Relaxing by the beach. These are things that I am sure Agent 47 would do if he had the chance. But he doesn’t. He’s gotta be out there kicking ass and taking names dressed as a giant chicken or a living statue or whatever. Just let the guy live his life!

Our winner this week is LazyTango, who demands that we consider Agent 47’s love of cowboy times. They’re fun, I guess, if you can be a cowboy. Probably not fun for anyone else. Luckily, Agent 47 can become anyone he wants to be!

I encourage you to go look at all the entries from this…very interesting…week, but here are some honorable mentions that I enjoyed.


Bob sent our weird, murderous buddy to the heart of joy.


Done With Kinja really sold 47 on the idea of cowboy fun, and by golly, he’s gonna get out there. He’s probably going to find Curley’s gold, too.

Nick Hanover found a buddy for Agent 47. Nothing can go wrong here. Nope, nothing. It’s impossible.


Lharm thinks that 47 probably just needs to chill out a little bit. Perhaps with a kitten.


ConManEd thinks that 47 might need a change of scenery, and maybe a different book, the they agree on the mode of chilling out.

handsome-and-marble shows how hard it is to have a good time.


Duraigo found it: pure happiness.

cecil_banon has revealed the reason why none of those kids made it out of that chocolate factory.


PersonaSpace went for the easy joke, but damn if it isn’t good.


Chelsea of Tranquility is putting Agent 47 out in the wild blue yonder of Appalachia so that he can make a camp and scamper around gathering alarm clocks for two weeks.

det-devil-ails sent that festive fella to Dollywood!


MamaCrocodile is confident that Agent 47 would go somewhere a little closer to home.

MRichston has made a truly horrible Agent Bean that I cannot handle.


Italyprayer sent 47 to a high school reunion. Of course if they knew the lore they would know that Agent 47 did not have a high school class and that he is instead a child grown in a—

Slackar sent 47 to Silent Hill but, you know, I get it.


Melkor knows that 47 can’t help but attack Mario. It’s in his genes! Genetic destiny!

sciteach knows that all Agent 47 wants to do is dance.

And that’s all for this week. Huge congrats to the winner and honorable mentions, and I’ll be back in about 24 hours with a brand-new ‘Shop Contest for you to participate in.

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