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Dude With Wrapped Gift From 1971 Finally Opens His Present

(Source: ladbible.com)

While most of us struggle to even wait until Christmas day to open our presents, one guy over in Canada managed to hold off for a whopping 48 years – and this year, he’s decided to finally open it.

Adrian Pearce, whose has the patience of a saint, managed to keep the present in its gift wrapping since it was handed to him back in 1971 by ex-girlfriend, Vicki Allen.

Credit: Facebook/Adrian Pearce
Credit: Facebook/Adrian Pearce

Like something out of an independent movie, Vicki caught wind of the story and this week she travelled up to the city of Edmonton to open the present with her ex-beau.

Vicki herself couldn’t remember what was inside since it was so long ago, exclaiming “Oh no!” when she finally saw. “I can’t give that to him!”

The big reveal turned out to be a small book called Love Is: New Ways To Spot That Certain Feeling, filled with cartoons and quotes about love.

Ah, young love!

However, this didn’t quite end like it does in the movies and the pair didn’t run off into the sunset after all these years. In fact, Adrian is happily married now with two kids – his wife, Janet, was even in the audience during the great unwrapping.

And it was his wife who helped him find Vicki and finally open the present, after it kept making its way under their Christmas tree each year.

See, the gift was handed to a 17-year-old Adrian when he was a student at George S. Henry Secondary School in Don Mills in suburban Toronto. At the time, he and Vicki were in a serious relationship and she decided the best time to give it to him was when she was breaking up with him. Maybe to soften the blow?

Credit: Facebook/Adrian Pearce
Credit: Facebook/Adrian Pearce

When the news broke last year, Adrian told CBC: “She gave me a present at the same time and I took the present home. I had a long walk home and I was all upset and angry, and all the things you feel when somebody breaks up with you.

“And so I fired the present under the Christmas tree. After my family opened their gifts at Christmas, there was still one Christmas gift left and it’s the gift this girl Vicki had given me. I told my family I’m never going to open that present.”

And he never did… until now.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The report goes on to describe how Adrian and Vicki met up a couple of times after, but they both realised they weren’t interested in dating again and went their separate ways.

But it became somewhat of a tradition for Adrian to keep placing the present under the tree, even after getting married and having kids – that is, until his wife put her foot down and insisted he stopped.

“I kept it initially because I guess I had hopes that we would get back together and open it together. Now it’s just become a habit after 47 [now 48] years of looking at it and having the pleasure of not opening it,” said Adrian.

Credit: Global News
Credit: Global News

“Maybe I don’t want to know what’s inside it. It’s more exciting right now not opening the thing.”

Nevertheless, when the story went viral last year, a friend who knew them both in high school sent Vicki a link to one of the articles and she responded by clicking ‘like’. Soon enough, Adrian figured out who it was, got in touch and the rest, as they say, is history.

The pair opened the present together as part of a fundraiser for the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, a local charity that provides Christmas meals to families in need. And even after all these years, it’s clear they can still have a laugh together.

Adrian told the crowd: “I think it’s absolutely fantastic that we’re friends. My wife is friends with (Vicki).

“We’re in a fantastic place where all you can feel is love.”

Source: Global News

Featured Image Credit: Global News

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