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Teacher Loses Job After Telling Kids Santa Claus Isn’t Real

(Source: community.theasianparent.com)

An American teacher will not come back to work this Christmas after telling her class of six- and seven-year-olds that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.According to authorities, the substitute teacher whose identity remains unknown, even disproved other holiday characters, including the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy, last week.Unsurprisingly her teachings upset her Primary one students.Local media reported that Michael Raj, the school’s principal, had sent a letter to parents on Thursday (Dec 6), where he was apologetic for the teacher’s misconduct.Furthermore, he says he has discussed with the teacher about her bad reasoning. Being a dad to four children, Mr Raj fully understands the how sensitive the teacher’s actions were.Rene Rovtar, the local town’s superintendent of schools, also recently confirmed to local media reporters that the teacher in question will stop working in the area.The superintendent says she was troubled and disheartened over the incident, saying that the “childhood wonder associated with all holidays and traditions” is special to her.A week ago, one parent told a local news company that her daughter Addirana, aged six, was extremely disappointed upon listening to the teacher.She says that she was “heartbroken” since her daughter “is the hugest believer in the whole Christmas spirit of Santa and giving.”It is unknown whether the teacher was sacked or went away from the area voluntarily.

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