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I’m A Celebrity: Anne Hegerty Reveals Why She Was Let Off From So Many Trials

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As the conclusion for I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here draws ever closer, the contestants are dropping like the flies they’re made to eat.

The latest casualty was The Chase’s Anne Hegerty, who caused quite the stir during her stint in the jungle.

The Governess came under fire on social media more recently for being ruled out of so many gruesome Bushtucker Trials on medical grounds, with viewers accusing the 60-year-old of being ‘lazy’ and blaming her larger frame.

Anne Hegerty. Credit: ITV
Anne Hegerty. Credit: ITV

As you can imagine, it led to a number of vile comments on Twitter – but Anne has since set the record straight in an interview with the Metro, stating that it was nothing to do with her physical health or her weight.

She said: “I was quite freaked out by the first Bushtucker Trial and only getting two stars. I could have got four, but either I couldn’t line up the numbers on the padlocks or I wasn’t pushing the spring down properly.

“I don’t want to go into more details as I’d be giving away production secrets, but the ‘exemption on medical grounds’ thing thereafter was really more on the basis of how I’d reacted psychologically to that one, rather than because I’m a fat lump or anything.”

On the other side of the coin, Anne made a huge impact on the nation by being open about her struggles with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism that can affect how people perceive the world and interact with others, which she was diagnosed with in 2005.

Anne Hegerty In 'I'm A Celeb' Bushtucker Trial. Credit: ITV
Anne Hegerty In ‘I’m A Celeb’ Bushtucker Trial. Credit: ITV

This is something she hopes hasn’t led to a collective feeling of pity or sympathy, telling the Metro: “I do wonder if, when people are saying, ‘She did so amazingly!’ they really mean something like ‘She did so amazingly, considering she’s autistic!’ because I don’t want pity, and I don’t want to find that The Governess is somehow less intimidating because she’s been seen screaming and weeping.”

“A lot of people seem to think I went on in order to raise awareness about autism. I’m afraid my intentions weren’t nearly so elevated – I did it for money and fame!”

Fair play for being so honest. Because, let’s face it, isn’t that why every I’m a Celebrity contestant enters the show? They’re not exactly downing pints of blended fish eyeballs for nothing.

However, Anne did go on to express her joy over the positive reaction to her time in the jungle. She added: “It’s brilliant if it’s told people a bit more about what autism is like and what autistic people are like.

“My brother showed me the letter from the little boy who went viral and the clip from breakfast TV with him and his mother (and Jenny), and I think it’s delightful – I want to write back to him.”

This is in reference to 11-year-old Joseph, from Preston. He has autism and wrote an incredibly heartwarming letter to The Chase star, thanking her for being such an inspiration to him and helping the 11-year-old cope with his own condition.

So yes, while there are haters out there who think ITV were too easy on Anne, it’s safe to say that her time on the show has done more good than harm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/I’m A Celeb

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