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How Netflix Did the Unthinkable in 2018 and Resurrected the Rom-Com

(Source: eonline.com)

Despite the dearth of major studio rom-coms making it to multiplexes over the past few years—Trainwreck, The Big Sick, and this year’s game-changing Crazy Rich Asians are the only few that readily come to mind—the folks at the streaming giant were noticing that the demand for such films was still there amongst their massive global subscriber base.

“We are aware of what people are watching and how much they watch it and we notice that people are watching a lot of rom-coms. Even, like, the [worst] ones that are out there,” Netflix’s director of original film Matt Brodlie told The Hollywood Reporter in June. A press release issued the same month stated that, in the past year, over 80 million accounts specifically watched love stories on the service.

So, having already completely conquered the world of television, but not having made much headway into the world of film aside from some acquisitions here and there and a exclusivity pact with Adam Sandler for films that literally no one was talking about, they made the romantic comedy their priority.

“It just was a great opportunity for us to jump into a place where people weren’t doing too much,” Brodlie added. “If you talk to any agent in town over the last two years, we’ve been banging our drums saying, ‘Send us your rom-coms!'”

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