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Files by Google adds support for USB OTG storage, full folder structures with latest update

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Roughly a month after it picked up its new branding, Files by Google has gotten an update with some much-appreciated features added. In its latest version, Files by Google has added USB OTG support, as well as better folder support

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USB on-the-go, or “OTG,” support definitely isn’t something all users will take advantage of. However, it’s something relatively common, if not standard, with other Android files browsers. This feature allows users to plug in a USB flash drive, memory card, or other devices and explore its contents via the app.

Further, this update also delivers another important change with the ability to view full folder structures. This makes it just a bit easier to view the various files on your device through the app. Of course, the update also includes the typical bug fixes.

As minor updates go, this actually adds quite a bit of new functionality. Files by Google version 1.0.224103129 is rolling out now via the Google Play Store.

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