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Something is brewing: A campaign against Ho Ching and Li Hongyi?

(Source: rojaknation.wordpress.com)

Something is brewing: A campaign against Ho Ching and Li Hongyi?

Something appears to be happening online in the past two weeks. There has been a sudden, noticeable increase in the number of online articles on Ho Ching, Li Hongyi and the Lee family in general.

Which makes one wonder. Why? And what’s going on?

Did it happened organically, or was it actually coordinated? And if it’s the latter, who is behind it?

Consider the following chain of events:

 4 Nov: Breakfast meeting between Tan Cheng Bock and Lee Hsien Yang

5 Nov: The Online Citizen (TOC) article – “Over 80% of votes in Yahoo poll, disagree that Ho Ching would have made a good minister”

6 Nov: The Independent Singapore (TISG) article – “80% of survey respondents disagree with ESM Goh that Ho Ching would have made a good minister”

8 Nov: Launch of Goh Chok Tong’s book Tall Order

8 Nov: TISG article – “PM Lee says he doesn’t want to “burden” his children with politics since it is “difficult enough” for them to carry his name”

9 Nov: Facebook user Cinorom Elicebmi resurfaces Li Hongyi’s NS email incident

9 Nov: Ho Ching attendings meeting with China’s VP Wang Qishan

9 Nov: Lim Tean makes FB post on Ho Ching meeting Wang Qishan

9 Nov: TISG article  “Lim Tean slams Ho Ching for attending meeting with China’s Vice President Wang Qishan”

11 Nov: PAP Convention and party elections

11 Nov: Lim Tean makes FB post on Ho Ching’s presence at PAP CEC Elections

12 Nov: TISG article – Lim Tean questions if Ho Ching is a member of the PAP after her prominent presence at party elections

12 Nov: Martyn See’s Facebook post – “Is Vivian Balakrishnan’s re-election into the new PAP CEC a dress rehearsal for his appointment as Lee’s Kingmaker?”

14 Nov: TISG article – “Ho Ching’s “maid attire” at formal event exasperates netizens”

14 Nov: TISG article – “Speculation that Li Hongyi will enter politics and Chan Chun Sing will be “seatwarmer PM” heats up”

14 Nov: TISG article – “PM Lee’s wife shares article on their son, Li Hongyi, on Facebook”

15 Nov: TOC article “If we vote for PM Lee, we are also voting for Ho Ching as a package deal?”

16 Nov: TISG article – “Oxley Road dispute may be far from over“

16 Nov: TOC’s Facebook post – “Although Ho Ching does not hold political office, the lines are often blurred – like when she attended a meeting last week with China’s Vice-President Wang Qishan.

16 Nov: TOC article – “Who’s the better half? That’s the million-dollar question for Singapore’s power couple”

19 Nov: TISG article – “Ho Ching’s “disgraceful” open-toed sandals make a comeback at two official functions in the past week”

Online chatter on the Lee Hsien Loong and his family isn’t new. But the seemingly concerted effort of articles and narratives within a short span of two weeks feels off. What’s strange is that these recent articles focus almost exclusively on LHL’s wife and son, and not himself.

The rumour about Li Hongyi being in Holland Bukit Timah was strange, given that there was no evidence at all. Surely, there must be a photo of him walking the ground if he is indeed being groomed for politics.

Then someone makes an issue about Ho Ching attending a state function – as if she hasn’t done so previously, and as if the spouses of other world leaders don’t make appearances as well.

Followed by a strange article, completely out of the blue, that the Lee Sibling dispute isn’t over yet – a sudden realisation that Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling have continued using a portrait of 38 Oxley Road as their display pictures on Facebook. All coincidental, eh?

Something is probably brewing beneath the surface. Laying the ground for something, perhaps? I smell a rat. Or maybe it’s just a case of watching too much House of Cards.

I can’t quite put my finger to it at the moment. But let’s watch and see.


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