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Everyday Problems All Girls Face

(Source: YouTube.com)

Talented Indian artist, Akshara Ashok draws incredibly truthful comics about challenges all girls face every day. Though the girl featured in the pictures may face many different problems, she always finds time to laugh at her life and herself. The artist’s main goal is to make readers smile and we have to admit that she deals with her problems really well!

#1 Sleepover 0:17
#2 A bed 0:45
#3 The fancy lacy bra 1:17
#4 Deodorant diaries 1:47
#5 The struggle of lip gloss and long hair 2:14
#6 Mirror VS Camera 2:33
#7 My boyfriend’s meal 3:03
#8 Straightener 3:35
#9 Important meeting 4:06
#10 Drinks 4:26
#11 Hair 4:54
#12 Age 5:24
#13 My body 5:53
#14 Bathtub 6:23
#15 Taking to someone going through a breakup 6:44
#16 Being sad 7:14
#17 Crush 7:44
#18 Ripped jeans 8:13

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Preview photo credit:
Akshara Ashok Illustrator: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjUtWcXAHGe/?taken-by=happyfluffcomics
Animation is created by Bright Side.

Akshara Ashok:

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