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400-year-old skinny house renovated into ‘one-room hotel’

(Source: curbed.com)

DmvA Architects is known for making the most of, let’s just call them, tight situations. The Belgian studio recently transformed a boxed-in house into a light-filled oasis with a floating greenhouse. More impressive yet—they’ve now turned this sliver of a building into a “one-room hotel.”

Entrance of narrow home with light pattern on floor

The 400-year-old house sits on a corner in Antwerp’s historic center, surrounded by similarly skinny homes. The three-story building measures just eight feet wide, but those eight feet pack a stylish punch thanks to dmvA’s renovations.

Stairway leading to upper level

The architects started by installing pale wood floors and painting the walls all white, which instantly give the space a sense of expansiveness. Instead of building walls, they embraced the home’s L-shape, providing each floor some sense of privacy.

Attic space with skylight

The “one room” hotel isn’t one room, exactly. An open-tread staircase leads from one floor to the next, each of which has its own function—the basement is the kitchen, first floor is the lounge, second floor is the bathroom, and third floor is the bedroom with a jacuzzi.

From a sheer width perspective, it’s tight quarters—but think of it this way: You can rent one hotel room or a one-room hotel house. Bookings start at $170 a night—and, thankfully, listing photos show the space cozily furnished.

Via: Fast Company

More Info: curbed.com

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