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Turns Out The Michael Bublé Doesn’t Like That Christmas Meme

(Source: ladbible.com)

You know it’s Christmas when a) that Coca-Cola ad has been on the telly and b) Michael Bublé songs are playing in all the shops.

The Canadian singer is as much a part of Christmas as pigs in blankets, but it turns out that he actually hates the fact that he’s a Chrimbo meme.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show last night, Bublé was presented with the meme of him which shows him coming out of a cave with the words: “Christmas is coming. Michael Bublé emerges from his cave.”

While other guests Carey Mulligan and Taron Egerton laughed, Bublé said: “You notice I don’t find that as funny as everybody else?

“Do you know how many asshole friends I have that think that I haven’t [seen it] and send me it and go, ‘Look at the meme they have’.

“I promise you, I get it and I think I hate you.”

Fair enough.

He went on to say that thanks to his viral fame some people believed he lived in a cave, telling Norton: “Now there are people who really think that I live in a cave. There really are.”

But he also seemingly revealed that he and Christmas have a bit of a love/hate thing going on, adding: “I am so, so thankful…for the money.

“I can’t wait to come out of my cave!”


His appearance on the show comes weeks after the crooner said he would be treating us all to one final album before retiring; much to the utter devastation of your nan.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, about the decision following his son’s cancer battle, he said: “My whole being has changed. My perception of life. I don’t know if I can get through this conversation without crying. And I’ve never lost control of my emotions in public.

“I don’t have the stomach for it any more. The celebrity narcissism. This is my last interview. I’m retiring. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”

However, earlier this week he announced that he would be partaking in a 36-date world tour. So, it looks like he won’t be retreating back to his cave any time soon after all. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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