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Our Writer Was Tasked to Turn Recyclables Into Fashion. Never Again

(Source: ricemedia.co)

I never thought I’d need to revisit the nightmare that was Home Economics until I was tasked, for this story, to create an entire outfit from recyclables to help reduce my carbon footprint. Me, the student who once coerced her domestic helper into doing


 her Home Economics assignments after spending 15 minutes trying (and failing) to thread a needle.

Naturally, I thought this exercise was ridiculous.

To start, making one outfit out of recyclables is ambitious and arduous. It doesn’t just require the ability to sew, but also the knowledge of what materials work well with others; whether they require certain treatment before being put together into an outfit, and how much of these recyclables I’d already need to have lying around the home.

Secondly, I couldn’t help thinking: climate change is a real threat to our environment, and one outfit is hardly going to reduce anyone’s carbon footprint in a significant way.

In fact, the novelty of making an outfit from scratch might just eclipse the importance of serious environmental issues. Frankly, this sounded like a PR disaster in the making.

And so I got in touch with Raye Padit from The Fashion Pulpit, a company that’s committed to sustainability and style in equal measure. This would ensure a total amateur like myself could approach this topic sensitively and effectively.

Raye patiently explained that some people who possess unbridled enthusiasm for turning recyclables into fashion might expect their final product to look professional. Unfortunately, the reality often resembles a kindergarten project.

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