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Iggy Azalea & Playboi Carti: Why He Still Has To ‘Prove Himself’ To Her As Romance Heats Up

(Source: hollywoodlife.com)

Iggy Azalea needs to trust Playboi Carti’s ‘intentions 100 percent’ before taking their relationship to the next level, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned! Here’s why the ‘Kream’ rapper can’t fully give away her heart yet.

Iggy Azalea, 28, is making Playboi Carti, 22, “Work” for her love! It’s been nearly two months since they were first spotted together, but Iggy still needs to know if she can fully trust the “Magnolia” rapper. Iggy’s learned the hard way of how fast a relationship can crash! “Iggy has been burned by guys in the past and she wants to make sure she can trust Playboi before she continues any type of romantic relationship with him,” a source close to the “Kream” rapper EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife.

Iggy had to call off her one-year engagement to Nick Young, 33, in June 2016, after revealing in a heartbreaking tweet that he “brought other women into [their] home while [she] was away and caught them on the security footage.” The blonde beauty seemed to find love again with NFL star DeAndre Hopkins, 26, in August 2018. But one day after confirming she was dating the Houston Texans wide receiver, she tweeted she was single! But the dark days are behind Iggy, as we’ve learned that she’s “having lots of fun and she wants it to all work out” with Playboi, but he’s “definitely in the proving himself stage.” And here’s exactly what Playboi, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, can expect in that stage.

“If they can get past some obstacles that Iggy is interested in solving to where she ultimately trusts him and his intentions 100 percent, then the sky is the limit for where their relationship can go,” our source reveals. And Iggy is definitely not ignoring her new flame’s stage name! “But Iggy realizes his stage name is Playboi and that isn’t getting past Iggy, who is protecting her heart before she gives it away again,” our source continues. “She wants to know Jordan and have a relationship with him.” So, what’s the next step? “Trust is the first hurdle they have to complete before it really gets hot and heavy,” our source explains.

Well, it looks like Playboi’s taking on the challenge! He invited the Australian native to tag along on his tour this month, according to what a friend of Iggy’s EXCLUSIVELY told us on Nov. 9! It’s an offer she accepted, since Iggy posted a hot jumpsuit selfie from Seattle, Washington on Nov. 6, where he performed that night! She followed up that picture with another self portrait from Portland, Oregon on Nov. 8, which was yet another of Playboi’s tour stops. And Playboi scored points in Iggy’s playbook for the invite. “It’s so reassuring to her that he wants her to come with him,” her friend continued. “She knows that there will be girls everywhere. But, it means a lot to her that he wants her there.” Playboi’s last concert of 2018 is in Richmond, Virginia on Dec. 28, so here’s to hoping these lovers finally post a picture together by then!

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