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Boracay officially reopens — plus 10 other beach destinations to visit during this year-end holiday

(Source: buro247.sg)

The reopening of the famed island now comes with new rules: no smoking, drinking in public areas and water sports (for now)

Earlier this year, the façade of overtourism fell through when Boracay announced a temporary closure. Now we come bearing good news that the well-loved beach destination has commenced its major clean-up, and is now officially ready for company; along with a new set of rules.

For starters, only 6,000 visitors are allowed on the island at the same time. They are also expected to sign an official oath to abide to the terms and conditions. This includes no smoking or drinking in public areas and on the beaches of Boracay. Water sports are still on hold for now, at least until a thorough marine biological assessment of the ecosystem has been carried out.

Add to that? A 30 metre business-free zone from the sea — eschewing any buildings, food vendors and bonfires. Basically the land is banning establishments that make a strong case for human traffic near the waters, along with the closure of all casinos on the island. Any hotels that have previously failed to meet environmental regulations have also been shut down. Sounds like a promising start.

Above, peruse our list of ten other stunning beach destinations — if a tropical vacation is what you’re seeking to sum up the year. 

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