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A survey about Viral Video Forwarding intentions and Moment to Moment Likeability

(Source: docs.google.com)

Welcome to this survey about forwarding viral videos! We are very grateful that you want to participate in this survey about the intention behind forwarding viral videos.

This is a voluntary survey where we guarantee confidentiality. We guarantee that no unauthorized person will get access to the collected material. The results of this survey will be used as part of a research project on viral marketing and the results will only be reported on an aggregated level.

If you are younger than 15 years old and participate in the survey it indicates that you participate with parental consent.

The survey consists of watching a video that is 1 min 30 sec long followed by questions that takes approximately 5 minutes to answer. It is very important that you answer ALL the questions.

Thank you!

More Info: docs.google.com

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