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Radio Atlantic: What Did We Learn From the Midterms?

(Source: theatlantic.com)

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Executive Editor Matt Thompson interviews Atlantic reporters on what lessons they drew from the midterm elections, speaking in turn with: Vann Newkirk, Emma Green, Ron Brownstein, Adam Harris, and David Graham.

“The Democrats’ Deep-South Strategy Was a Winner After All”(Vann R. Newkirk II, November 8, 2018)
”Tuesday Showed the Drawbacks of Trump’s Electoral Bargain” (Ronald Brownstein, November 7, 2018)
“The Year of the Woman Still Leaves Women With Terrible Representation in Government” (Emma Green, November 7, 2018)
“The Democrats Are Back, and Ready to Take On Trump” (David A. Graham, November 7, 2018)
“America Is Divided by Education” (Adam Harris, November 7, 2018)
“The Georgia Governor’s Race Has Brought Voter Suppression Into Full View” (Vann R. Newkirk II, November 6, 2018)

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