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People Want A Spin-Off For Jim Bell And Wilson From ‘Friday Night Dinner’

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If you’ve ever watched the Channel 4 show Friday Night Dinner, you’ll most certainly have clocked Jim from next door. He is, arguably, the funniest character – and probably one of the oddest comedy creations to grace our screens – but, we love him because he’s great. And weird.

One person loves Jim (played by Mark Heap) so much, he took to Twitter to state he’d like there to a be spin-off to the series centered around the character – oh, and not forgetting his dominant and aggressive dog Wilson.

Jonny O’Neill tweeted: “Petition to start a spin off tv series of Friday Night Dinner just about Jim & Wilson.”

Usually this sort of thing disappears with out a trace on Twitter, evaporating into the gazillion-tweet ether – however, in this case, it seems a lot of people agreed, as they started retweeting, liking and commenting on his post with suggestions as to what it could be about.

One person said: “I reckon when they get home, Jim gets in the cage while Wilson roams the house.”

Another replied: “Wilson is definitely the man of the house.”

Jim Bell Friday Night Dinner - Credit: Channel 4
Jim Bell Friday Night Dinner – Credit: Channel 4

Meanwhile there was one excited fan who said they’d like to see Adam and Jonny Goodman (played by Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal) away from the family home in their own spin-off – but, come on, we couldn’t see the boys on their own and away from their parents’ eccentric antics.

Jim Bell (and Wilson) became pretty iconic on the TV show for being… well, frankly, weird. He would often pop up out of nowhere – Wilson in tow – and say to the boy’s mum: “Hello Jackie, you look nice” – usually in a less-than-comfortable way.

Wilson is a German Shepherd, and as the tweets suggest, he definitely rules the roost in the Bell household next door

Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal Friday Night Dinner - Credit: Channel 4
Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal Friday Night Dinner – Credit: Channel 4

The show first came to our screens back in 2011, and six seasons later, it’s as fresh and funny as ever – often leaving viewers laughing, cringing and presumably pondering just how much it resembled their own family lives (not too much, hopefully).

Rosenthal also starred in E4 and Strongbow’s Re-Freshers Week, while we definitely all know Bird as Will from the hilarious teen comedy The Inbetweeners.

Friday Night Dinner also stars Tamsin Greig as the boys’ mum, Jackie Goodman, and Paul Ritter as dad Martin. Great as they all are, though, it’s Mark Heap’s Jim we all really want to see in his own show. Come on, telly boffins – pull your fingers out and make it happen.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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