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For A Day, We Bought Everything That Was Advertised To Us

(Source: ricemedia.co)

Despite being a guy who doesn’t understand fashion or style, I love shopping.

My secret fetish is stationery. Show me a stationery shop, and daddy will make it rain like Jay-Z.

My house is filled to bursting with pens, pencils, post-its, staplers, highlighters, and notepads because there’s nothing I love more than buying an expensive notebook, caressing its creamy paper, then vandalising it with half-formed shower thoughts.

Buying useless crap is surely one of Capitalism’s greatest pleasures. So it seemed like manna from heaven when a paying client asked me to spend one day buying every single item that was advertised to me.

They were trying to make a point about consumerism or something. I didn’t read the whole email because they had me at ‘buying shit’.

Buying every single thing I see for one day? All expenses paid? Sign me the fuck up.

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