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Ariana Grande’s Surprise Party With Pigs and Mariachi Bands Will Give You a Case of FOMO

(Source: eonline.com)

Bet your Thursday night can’t compete with Ariana Grande‘s.

For many of us, Friday eve is when you try to understand how you almost made it through the crazy week. But for the “God is a woman” singer, she decided to switch things up.

As documented on her Twitter account, the pop star shared details about her unpredictable night that included more than a few unexpected guests.

“Yoooooooooo i can’t believe my friends got me a mariachi band last night. That s–t was wild. I think that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me,” she shared with her followers. “I was also super tipsy and then all of a sudden there was a mariachi band in my back yard. Do u know how insane that is?”

But wait, it gets even wilder in the early morning hours.

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