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Chris Pine Gets Profound Discussing Male Nudity in Movies

(Source: eonline.com)

Chris Pine is focused on his work—and everything else is just noise.

With Outlaw premiering Nov. 9 on Netflix, E! News recently sat down to interview the actor and one of his co-stars, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Set in the 1300s, the historical drama stars Pine as King of Scots, Robert the Bruce, who waged a war over England’s occupation of Scotland.

Directed and co-written by David Mackenzie, the gritty period piece was filmed on location Scotland. “I love the geography of it,” Pine said of the country. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful culture full of exactly what you’d expect: rolling green fields, huge cliffs overlooking the ocean, falling waterfalls.” Because the film was made by Netflix and not by a traditional studio, producers were given “incredible creative freedom,” Pine said.  There was “almost nonexistent meddling” in Mackenzie’s vision, he added, “which, for me, has been a singular experience and quite cool.”

However, much of the buzz surrounding Outlaw King has centered on his full-frontal nudity. While he understands the fascination, Pine also wonders what it says about society as a whole.

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