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Dell says its gaming business is worth $3 billion

(Source: theverge.com)

It’s been over a decade since Dell bought Alienware as a way to shore up its gaming business, and it seems like it’s an investment that’s paid off: the company revealed today that its gaming business is worth $3 billion, according to a tweet from analyst Patrick Moorhead.

BOOM! @Dell and @Alienware’s @AzorFrank just told the group that it’s gaming business is a $3B business. This is the first public disclosure of this data. He said that is 3X the size anyone else’s. #AlienwareHive pic.twitter.com/fiIFEAKNL9

— Patrick Moorhead (@PatrickMoorhead) October 18, 2018

According to Frank Azor (who helms the Alienware, Gaming, and XPS divisions at Dell), that number puts Dell’s gaming business at three times the size of its competitors, though Azor apparently didn’t specify which competitors he was referring to. Also unknown is how that number breaks down between the flagship Alienware line and Dell’s more recent, cheaper G Series gaming hardware. It’d be interesting to see how the company’s newer and more budget-friendly options contribute to the overall total.


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Still, with a resurgent Dell about to make its return to public markets — where the focus has largely been on the company’s enterprise business, rather than its consumer laptops — it’s interesting to see the level of success that the company is having here.

More Info: theverge.com

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