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Honor Guard Demo at Japan’s National Defense Academy is Very Satisfying to Watch

(Source: nextshark.com)

The Honor Guard at the National Defense Academy in Japan just held a demonstration of their gun twirling skill in a sequence that will transfix you to your screen.

What made this performance particularly impressive is the fact that they all did this without any sort of sonic aid–musical or otherwise–to time their movements.



最も綺麗に見れる横からの角度から撮りました!(o^^o) pic.twitter.com/ht9i8GI5Yy

— 防衛大学校儀仗隊 (@NDA_GoH) October 13, 2018

Moreover, the guns they used in the demonstration are actually real. According to the National Defense Academy’s Twitter, the students used real M1 Garand rifles that weigh at about 4.3 kilograms (9.5 pounds) each, SoraNews24 reported.

In the clip above, which has already gained over 1.31 million views at the time of writing, the Honor Guard demonstrated their gun handling skills by twirling and throwing them.

After one person pulls a routine, the next one to him follows and copies it; this will continue until the very last person at the end of the line.

The same concept was performed in another silent drill that the Honor Guard did, which is also captured in video and posted on Twitter; but this one has lesser views than the viral clip.

こちらは入校式でも披露する予定の「サイレント」という、楽器の音を鳴らさずに銃の音だけを響かせ、動きも揃える技です! pic.twitter.com/7oxrfuEhVL

— 防衛大学校儀仗隊 (@NDA_GoH) February 25, 2018

As it turns out, the Honor Guard at the National Defense Academy are pretty popular. They usually draw in huge crowds when they are performing at any United States and Japanese military festivals. Here are what some netizens wrote on social media, as translated by SoraNews24:

“Wow! So cool! I can’t wait to see you at your performance in Kurihama!”

“The American style is more lively, but the Japanese style is much smoother.”

“It’s so cool I wanna die!! I really want to see it live!”

“So much respect.”

“I live in Osaka, so there aren’t many chances for me to see you live, but I definitely want to see you perform someday!”

“I have no words…except maybe ‘Amazing’!”

“Wow! It’s so in sync! When they’re all in line it’s so pretty, like an art form!”

Even in kicking and passing the rifle, the Honor Guard has to make it extra:




この技は2人の動きと銃の動きがピッタリ合っているほど上手いと言われています! pic.twitter.com/OZbmeN4UO7

— 防衛大学校儀仗隊 (@NDA_GoH) October 12, 2018

Featured image via Twitter / NDA_GoH

More Info: nextshark.com

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