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Arsene Wenger says power in football is with the players and targets January return to management

(Source: telegraph.co.uk)

Arsene Wenger has said the balance of power in football has shifted dramatically towards the players, with clubs now looking to “do everything” for the stars and “feeling guilty” if they underperform.

Wenger, who left Arsenal this summer after 22 years as manager, also said that international fans have become more interested in supporting individual players rather than the clubs themselves.

“Footballers played for the club 20 years ago,” Wenger told German newspaper Bild. “These days, clubs do everything for the players.

“In the past, [a player] felt guilty when he played bad. These days, clubs feel guilty towards their players and ask themselves what more can be done.”

Wenger added that he believes a time is coming when fans will be able to decide which substitutions are made during games by using social media.

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