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This Is the Horror Movie Your State Is the Most Obsessed With

(Source: popsugar.com)

The pumpkins are carved! The cider is poured! Now all you need is the perfect spooky movie to add to your October line-up. In case you’ve already blown through the goriest options out there, the creepiest foreign films, or maybe the movies that don’t have jump scares, we have yet another way for you to narrow down what you should watch this month: the horror flick your state is the most obsessed with.

The data comes courtesy of StreamingObserver, which pulls from Rotten Tomatoes, proprietary Amazon MTurk surveying, Mindnet Analytics, and Google Trends to help compile an illuminating — and at times, surprising — list of the most popular scary movies in each state. For instance, who knew The Silence of the Lambs would show up so many times?! Or that some people consider King Kong and This Is the End horror films! Keep scrolling to find out the film your state can’t get enough of.

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