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How To Benefit From A Standing Desk

(Source: inc.com)

Ever feel completely drained after a flight, long car ride, or just a day of sitting at a desk? Even though you were just sitting for a long time, you felt exhausted. There are so many negative side effects to simply sitting for extended periods of time. Yet, Americans sit for on average 8 hours a day, with most of these hours being at work. Sitting for such a long time can negatively affect your health , side effects include:

Sitting for long periods of time can cause more harm than good, especially for office workers. In an attempt to avoid these side effects, standing desks have become more and more popular. Not only do they avoid these harmful consequences of sitting, but standing desks actually improve health. Studies have shown standing desks actually increase productivity and focus in the workplace. An article by the Washington Post cited a recent study conducted by Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health that tested the benefits of standing desks. The study, which monitored 167 employees in a Texan call center over a six-month period, found that employees using stand-capable desks were more productive than their colleagues in standard, seated desks. And, the productivity of the standing-desk workers continued to increase over their seated colleagues steadily. In the first month, the stand-capable group had 23 percent more successful calls than their seated colleagues, and by the sixth month, they had 53 percent more successful calls.

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