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Does Constantly Being Told You’re Going To Die Make You Happier? I Tried to Find Out

(Source: ricemedia.co)

“Don’t forget, you’re going to die.”

This is the cheery reminder that WeCroak, an app developed by a Silicon Valley programmer and a New York yoga teacher, pings you with five times a day. You could be in the middle of anything—lunch, a Netflix binge, fighting a losing battle against your emails—when the words arrive, suddenly and without warning. In other words, much like death itself.

If you’re wondering why anyone would willingly subject themselves to this, consider the app’s central proposition: that thinking about your own death five times a day can make you a happier person.

This theory apparently derives from a Bhutanese folk saying, and given that the country pioneered the concept of gross national happiness, there’s a good chance they’re on to something.

I decided to test this out by spending a week with WeCroak. As a champion navel-gazer, this is exactly the sort of rabidly existential, incredibly pretentious project that I find irresistible by itself. However, I couldn’t deny that the prospect of being happier was a powerful incentive.

After all, who wouldn’t want that?


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