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Inside Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s Courtroom Showdown

(Source: eonline.com)

Frankel’s attorney said not only is Hoppy inconsistent in the timing, both parents’ sides have said Bryn is thriving, she is doing good in school. The drug and alcohol speculation is “harassment.” In terms of Frankel’s drinking, it’s been “nothing in front of the child or with the child. She’s on television, she’s entertaining.” There’s nothing wrong with her having a party after launching her jeans line. “It’s intrusive, there are constitutional issues.”

The Bravo star’s attorney said he’s raising this in front of the press, it leaves an implication there was a reason to test. “It’s her livelihood to say, I’m out with friends having a good time. It doesn’t show ever remotely a problem.”

The judge said if it’s ordered, he will order testing for both parents, adding there is nothing wrong with drinking with her friends if the child is not with her.

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