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Singapore Airlines launches the world’s longest non-stop flight to Newark, New Jersey

(Source: buro247.sg)

Are you game to board the world’s longest flight?

As what any true blue Singaporean would say, flying is great when you’re on Singapore Airlines. Now that statement gets put to the test with our local top carrier’s latest launch of non-stop flights to Newark, New Jersey. Striking off previous contenders like Qantas and Qatar in the running, this ambitious airborne journey (spanning close to 19 hours) is now the world’s longest non-stop flight.

Some might approach this piece of news with a little trepidation, especially if you’re envisioning yourself being confined in a tiny seat with minimal leg room. But to ensure that doesn’t happen, the flight will only comprise of Premium Economy as well as Business Class seats. There’s champagne for everyone here. 

Singapore Airlines

The model of choice is the A350-900 ULR (ultra long range); a brand new Airbus aircraft that has been designed to replace the older Boeing 777 series. These planes boast of higher ceilings, larger windows and lighting that’s been optimised to reduce jetlag. Basically, all stops have been pulled for your flight to be as comfortable as possible — with expectations kept to one of a long-haul.

So if you have grown tiresome of boring and at times, stressful layovers, this might be the flight to hop on next. Plus you can also tell the world you have survived the world’s longest ongoing flight.

Book a flight with Singapore Airlines today. 

More Info: buro247.sg

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