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Spotify And Netflix Could Be Blocked for UK Citizens On Holiday

(Source: ladbible.com)

Enjoy blasting your favourite Spotify playlist as you open the curtains and stare out at the palm trees on your jollies? Maybe you like catching up with TV on Netflix while you’re working away or it might just be to keep the kids entertained.

Let’s face it, we kind of need it sometimes. Spotify and Netflix just make life easier and boring moments, well, less boring.

And now these two very useful tools, along with other online streaming services could be under threat to Brits staying within Europe if the UK leaves the European Union with no deal.

Something called ‘geo-blocking’ is currently in place stopping any discrimination between someone when they are at home in the UK or if they’re travelling to the rest of Europe.

According to the Independent, newly-released official documents speak of the anticipated impact of a no-deal Brexit including information that the ‘geo-blocking’ arrangement that currently exists would ‘cease to have effect’.

The document says: “Following repeal of the Geo-Blocking Regulation in the UK, traders from the UK, EU and third countries would not be prohibited from discriminating between EU customers and UK customers.

“For instance a UK trader would be able to offer different terms to a UK customer compared to a French customer.”

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

Government departments have released 29 technical papers detailing their preparations for what would happen in the event of ‘No Deal’.

The Evening Standard reported that the documents also show that the UK will lose free trade agreements with more than 70 non-EU countries around the world if it leaves without a deal in March next year.

New guidance covers things ranging from the regulation of pesticides, trading in electricity, rail transport and the trade in rough diamonds.

Clearly nothing as important as Netflix and Spotify.

Speaking of Europe, hundreds of people from France and Germany recently filled in a survey and a list of some specific quirks that they just find repulsive.

Number one on the list of traits that makes French blood boil is the fact the English drive on the left hand side of the road, with the love of the Royal Family and tea not too far behind.

Who hates tea?!

Credit: SWNS

Credit: SWNS

But it doesn’t stop there, England’s Gallic cousins apparently hate the sight of beer bellies – while the persistence with the socks and sandals combination also made it into the list of pet peeves.

And rarely a day goes by when Brexit doesn’t get a mention, and today is no different, because the French have put the reasons why England, along with Britain, voted to leave the EU among their list of grievances.

It feels like they know about the Netflix/Spotify thing already and are venting for us, doesn’t it?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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