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Hold on to your hats: Best wedding moments

(Source: bbc.co.uk)

Hold on to your hats!

From knock-you-off-your-feet winds to Prince George giggling in the chapel – here are some lesser-spotted moments from Princess Eugenie’s big day….

Gone With the Wind

OK, so we know you must have clocked that it was a bit windy.

Well. More than a bit.

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Windy weather as royals and famous faces arrive for the wedding

Storm Callum was certainly an uninvited guest – but it was all rather entertaining watching wedding-goers make their way into St George’s Chapel without losing a fascinator.

The country held its breath as six-year-old pageboy Louis de Givenchy lost his footing. But thankfully the youngster was quickly back on his feet.

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Here’s Gwen Field, mother-in-law of one Robbie Williams, losing her hat to the wind live on TV:

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Hold on to those hats ladies – the wind is getting the better of some #RoyalWedding guests, including Ayda Field’s mum Gwen! 👒 pic.twitter.com/nPPs0iEiBL

— This Morning (@thismorning) October 12, 2018


And holding on to it tightly afterwards:

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And another guest chasing down a hat:

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Many of the guests seemed to enjoy getting (nearly) swept off their feet:

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Prince George had mega lols in the chapel

We’re not sure what it was but something tickled the young prince, who appeared to be having a whale of a time with the other pageboys and bridesmaids during the service.

What was so funny, George?

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Hats off (or actually, on) to Cara Delevingne who sent the internet into meltdown

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The model, a childhood friend of Princess Eugenie, walked into the wedding wearing a top hat and tails.

The internet’s verdict: YES.

The dress showed Princess Eugenie’s back and there was a special reason behind it

Unless you were looking really closely you might not have noticed anything.

But Princess Eugenie wore a dress with a low back that showed off a scar from major surgery she had as a child.

She had previously hinted she might do this, telling ITV’s This Morning it was important to “show people your scars”.

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Kate and Wills share a tender moment inside the chapel

A few eagle-eyed viewers spotted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge holding hands as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

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Meanwhile, other royal watchers noticed that Jack Brooksbank rather struggled when it came to putting the gold wedding band on his bride’s finger.

It prompted some smiles from the couple, with the princess then collecting herself and helping the groom to slide the ring on to her finger.

The mother-of-the-bride’s head gear had ‘wings’

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Sarah Ferguson’s choice of hat divided opinion on social media.

Some likened the large winged bow to the golden snitch from the Harry Potter books.

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A biodegradable rain poncho, some personalised shortbread and a big chocolate coin

What do these items have in common?

They were all to be found inside the royal wedding goody bags for guests, that’s what.

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Ballot winners who are outside the chapel at Windsor Castle have been given these rather snazzy goody bags, containing chocolate, a fridge magnet and that all-important rain poncho #royalwedding pic.twitter.com/uUfOI2eFjl

— Lauren Turner (@thisislaurent) October 12, 2018


All the essentials.

Pippa Middleton may have been heavily pregnant but that didn’t stop her attending

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She arrived with her husband James Matthews

Hello! magazine says Pippa is nine months’ pregnant and is due “any day now”.

Good luck, Pippa!

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