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EmTech Digital 2019

(Source: events.technologyreview.com)

EmTech Digital is a uniquely accessible and insightful forum on the commercialization of AI technologies.

It’s where the discerning lens of the world’s preeminent technology university meets Silicon Valley.

Our program is carefully curated to review the state of artificial intelligence technologies. We’ll examine the capabilities and commercial applications of these technologies and provide a deeper understanding of the growing economic impact that the field is having on organizations and industries around the world.

» Gain a working understanding of complex tech that’s driving business innovation.

» Learn to harness these technologies to build a competitive business advantage: increase revenue, ensure security, and make smart hires in a changing workforce.

» Get clear insights that help you cut through the noise around AI and chart your strategy.

» Meet the sharpest minds in the technology, management, startup, engineering, and academic communities–the people leading the next wave of intelligent technologies.

More Info: events.technologyreview.com

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