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Conspiracy Theory Claims Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Movies Are Connected

(Source: ladbible.com)

We’ve got the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve got the DC Extended Universe, but what if we were to say Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s films are all interconnected in a subtly similar way?

It might sound odd, we know – after all, what could possibly link the fictional realm of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle with, say, that of San Andreas’?

A lot, if this theory is anything to go by.

After all, he’s always battling some sort of forceful enemy, he’s always playing a character with a similar persona and he’s always wearing a goddamn dirtied tee.

Now we’ve grabbed your attention, let’s dive into the Dwayne Johnson Cinematic Universe (DJCU), shall we?

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

According to theorist Angela Natividad, it all starts with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Spoiler alert – in the film Dwayne isn’t the main character, but is just the avatar of the kid who’s playing the game.

Angela contends: “This is his first iteration in this form and my entire theory banks on the idea that, when Spencer and his friends actually win the game, these avatars get left behind.

“This avatar is what lives on to connect these four movies.” When she says four movies, she means Rampage, San Andreas and Skyscraper, alongside the Jumanji reboot.

Now, Angela reckons that The Rock avatar lingers to see the jungle become a wildlife reserve. “He isn’t erased. He lives in that universe. The events of Jumanji have shaken him so he tries to dedicate his life to caring for the Earth around him this time, which brings us to Rampage.”

Rampage. Credit: Warner Bros.

Rampage. Credit: Warner Bros.

In this recently released film, the theory claims that a pathogen hit and mutated the animals of this reserve… hence the 30-ft gorilla who stars alongside Dwayne.

“Once he stops them and masters flying a helicopter, he moves away from the reserve, trying to stay away from the negativity of that island/wildlife reserve and dedicate his life to trying to protect cities from any other insane, enlarged animal attacks.”

And now we’re on 2015’s San Andreas, where Dwayne’s character, after mastering the whole pilot game, has dedicated his life to justice and helping people out… that is, until the Jumanji game rears its ugly head once more and sparks a number of natural disasters for The Rock to sort out.

San Andreas. Credit: Warner Bros.

San Andreas. Credit: Warner Bros.

Angela added: “When the action dies down and he saves the day again, he notices how flooded everything is and how submerged most of the architecture is now that the flood rolled in. With this, he now has a new life direction, bringing us to… Skyscraper.

“The Jumanji game has not let up at all and has cornered this poor man another time with building floors catching fire and him having to jump incredible lengths.”

Anyone who’s seen the film (and most likely those who haven’t too) will know that The Rock prevails and overcomes his struggles. But as Angela concludes, “He is a seasoned veteran of the game’s tricks and turns but we know that, soon, he will fall victim again.”

So are you convinced yet? Although you might be quick to dismiss the theory as speculative fluff, it turns out it might have legs. Or, at least, the whole DJCU bit does, anyway.

Skyscraper. Credit: Universal Pictures

Skyscraper. Credit: Universal Pictures

Earlier this year, Hiram Garcia – president of production at Dwayne’s production company Seven Bucks – confirmed that ‘there very much is always a thread’ connecting all of The Rock’s movies.

But according to Hiram, the connection all comes down to family, adding: “We always love to root our stories in family with that heart element. We believe in strong family values, and we think that just adds an element where the audience can be much more invested and care about the characters.

“I think also it’s always about a guy who’s somehow getting better, even just a little bit. If you look at the most extreme version, Pain and Gain, even as that character, he got a little bit better somehow at the end.”

And if you’re not already totally hyped at the knowledge that DJCU is a thing, Hiram even went on to tease an Infinity War-style situation unfolding in the upcoming years. “Maybe in about 10 more years, we’re gonna have our version of an Infinity War, a Dwayne Johnson War. Just say you heard it here first, and that we’re damn brilliant for doing it.”

Don’t you worry, Hiram – we’ll be doing just that. Hopefully this means the question isn’t if we’ll be seeing Dwayne Johnson vs Dwayne Johnson on the big screen, but when. Who’s your money on?

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

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