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UPDATE: ‘Datuk’ captured on video assaulting parking attendant in September incident

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

UPDATE: Police have reportedly identified the suspect, and have also shed light on the reason for suspect’s unwarranted, violent outburst: He didn’t want to pay the RM3 (US$0.75) parking fee on his Range Rover.

Stay classy, buddy.


Making the rounds on social media over the last few days is a one-minute-twenty-second clip of an unidentified man becoming verbally and physically abusive towards a Kuala Lumpur hotel car park attendant. The Facebook user who uploaded the clip Tuesday stated that the incident occurred September 18.

Including the message: “The poor staff (sic) had to undergo this treatment from this guy just because he thinks he is a Datuk [honorific title] or something like that. I am sure a police report must have been made but no action has been taken to date,” he also asked users to repost the clip and make it viral.

Media outlet The Star has reported that social media users identified the man as the director of a local telco. This has not been confirmed.

Although there is no sound, the suspect approaches the parking attendant desk angrily, and immediately seems to start shouting at the employee, wildly waving his hands at him. He then moves inside the booth, opening the door, and pushing the chair at the employee, while taking a swing and hitting the victim.

No conclusions have been drawn as to what led to the incident, nor where exactly it occurred. However, the uploader highlighted that as Malaysians, we need to learn to respect each other, and not resort to such behavior.





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