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The Chanel Le Rouge pop-up goes red for its limited edition No. 5 L’Eau fragrance

(Source: buro247.sg)

Chanel gives life to Gabrielle Coco’s signature shade with the Le Rouge beauty pop-up to celebrate the colour red in all its glory

Playing the word association game with red brings to mind nouns like courage and passion, but did you also know it’s the colour of Mademoiselle Coco? She made it her signature with the launch of her first lipstick in 1924 that painted kissers an intense vermillion red, and the shade has been a recurring theme for the house of Chanel ever since.

Now enter the Le Rouge beauty pop-up, an exclusive installation that pays homage to the Mademoiselle’s favourite colour by exploring red in all its various incarnations from lippies and nail polishes to a collector’s edition of the No. 5 L’Eau in a gorgeous, scarlet-tinted flacon. As experiential as they come — like you can expect anything less from Chanel’s pop-ups — Le Rouge is a three-parter fashioned after a laboratory that unveils the creative process behind each product. With technical sketches and acrylic structures scattered throughout, part one is the ‘create’ arena featuring the Red Factory where large industrial tanks loaded with lipsticks shine a light on the diverse textures across the different lip collections.

Chanel No. 5 limited editions

Makeup in all shades of red takes up one full length of the room as well, inviting visitors to go swatch crazy and experiment with a bold look or two. Be sure to try on the new Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme and the Rouge Allure Liquid powder for size, if you’re on the hunt for lippies in a comfortable matte finish. And once you’ve dressed up your pout, head on over the second part of Le Rouge where a passageway named the Red Corridor lies beyond. Framed to mimic the silhouette of the limited edition Chanel No. 5 L’Eau bottle, venturing down this space immerses you in a world of red as if you were within the heart of the fragrance (plus it makes for amazing photos).

Finally, emerge at the end where a classy lounge awaits. Styled after the cosy bars of grand old world hotels, the Red Bar is where you can chill and knock back some specially concocted red cocktails while you pose for more selfies in the très chic alcove seats set against a backdrop of book-lined shelves. Who’s red-y to rediscover Chanel?

Le Rouge by Chanel

The Le Rouge by Chanel pop-up is open to the public from 17 to 21 October. Click here to register your slot.


More Info: buro247.sg

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