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Someone Claims to Have Found the House From *A Star Is Born*

(Source: architecturaldigest.com)

Someone may have tracked down the house from A Star Is Born —and it turns out that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s secluded rockstar hideaway might actually be a four-bed, three-bath home in rural Calabasas .

On Saturday, Los Angeles Times writer Amy Kaufman took to Twitter with a link to a Zillow post she claimed was the house from A Star Is Born. “Amazing news!!!! We have tracked down my dream home from @starisbornmovie and it’s only $2 million, so I will be moving in immediately!!!!” she wrote .

Although no cast or crew members from A Star Is Born have confirmed it’s the same house, the resemblance is striking. The Zillow listing boasts “classic midcentury and architectural elements,” designed by Malibu architect Doug Rucker , as well as a “great flow for indoor/outdoor living.” According to the post, the 2,986-square-foot residence was built in 1973 (remodeled in 2000) on a 1.14-acre lot and sits below “40 oak trees” near a seasonal creek. It’s also within commuting distance to the city, and counts a living room, a breakfast area, a master bedroom, and an art studio among its 13 rooms. Other features listed on Zillow include a detached garage, a “jetted tub,” a pond, a patio, and a barbecue area.

If the Calabasas house is, in fact, the one from the movie, then Kaufman has found the perfect piece of merch for the die-hard ASIB fan. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale. According to Zillow, the house was sold for $2.05 million in September 2017—five months after filming began for A Star Is Born .

More Info: architecturaldigest.com

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