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Russian Roulette Bread

(Source: japantoday.com)

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Walking into a Japanese convenience store always feels like taking a step into a world of delicious wonders, and perhaps no section is more wonderful than the bread aisle. Not content with just plain sandwich bread, Japanese convenience stores are stocked with tasty temptations like curry bread, sweet bean bread, and more.

But on our most recent trip to our local FamilyMart, we spotted something we’d never seen before: Russian Roulette Bread.

At 398 yen a pack, it’s a little more expensive than most convenience store bread options, which generally tend to hover somewhere around the 200-yen mark. It’s also quite a bit more substantial, though, consisting of nine interconnected pieces, sort of like a pack of King’s Hawaiian Rolls.

The Russian Roulette Bread’s soft, inviting appearance is the opposite of its intimidating name, but the fear comes from what’s inside. Four of the eight sections contain a chocolate filling, and another four are filled with rich custard cream. But it’s number nine you’ll have to watch out for. Thankfully, it’s not filled with anything lethal, but it is stuffed with a spicy wasabi tartar sauce.

Oddly enough, though, it wasn’t as painfully spicy as the Russian Roulette Bread’s deadly sounding name had us initially imagining.

It seems like FamilyMart’s chefs decided to have some mercy, and rather than killing your mouth with spiciness, they instead opting for a filling that, while undeniably hot, gets more of a fiery boost from the pre-tasting tension and the fear-inducing effect of your brain suddenly realizing you’re not tasting the sweetness of one of the chocolate or custard buns, and that the wasabi flavor is on its way in milliseconds. The Russian Roulette Bread is, after all, being promoted as a dessert to share at Halloween parties, and it might put a bit of a damper on the fun if one person ha their taste buds crippled for the night by drawing the “losing” piece of bread.

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