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Man dies in latest in mushroom picking-related fatality

(Source: japantoday.com)

A man died after he fell, seriously injuring himself, while picking mushrooms in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture, on Wednesday afternoon, police said. The man suffered head injuries and was taken to hospital by helicopter where he died about five hours later. 

Since August, 11 people have died and six others have been injured while picking mushrooms on mountain slopes in Nagano Prefecture, Fuji TV reported.  

In the latest case, Shigeya Komatsu, 62, a local farmer, fell about 100 meters down a mountain forest slope. According to the police, he had gone mushroom picking with a male relative, and lost his footing.

Autumn is peak mushroom season and authorities are urging people to take care. They advise mushroom pickers not to go up into the mountains alone and to especially avoid steep slopes where the mushrooms are most prolific. They also suggest people to grab onto bamboo stalks if they lose their balance.

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