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Kanye West meets with Trump, reveals iPhone passcode is 000000

(Source: cnet.com)

Earlier this year, Kanye West acknowledged the not-so-well-kept secret that he’s an avid supporter of President Donald Trump. During a spirited Oval Office meeting on Thursday, Kanye shared another secret: his iPhone password.

Amid a media spectacle and wild, wide-ranging conversation — the notion of Apple building an iPlane for Trump was discussed — Ye whipped out his iPhone and proceeded to unlock it in front of cameras, which captured the passcode, in addition to the moment.

It’s 000000, in case you’re wondering.

lmao Kanye’s iPhone password is 000000 pic.twitter.com/mEM5Tjq0po

— Del Slappo (@misterjamo) October 11, 2018

Of course, the Twittersphere reacted to everything the pair discussed, which also included the Second Amendment and prison reform. But Kanye’s particularly terrible passcode was singled out for attention. 

Can’t decide what is crazier: this press conference with Kanye or the fact that his phone password is 0-0-0-0

— Vince Clementi (@vince_clementi) October 11, 2018

Kanye having his iPhone password being 0000 is the least surprising thing about Kanye West pic.twitter.com/ZBNiBTI0ev

— We Should Buy A Bar (@ryan_lewis3) October 11, 2018

kanye’s phone password is the amount of hours he’s spent doing research on any of the things he’s opening his mouth about

— A West (@ayyy_west) October 11, 2018

Kanye is, like, casually dropping major insights about how Trump tapped into masculine anxiety in America to win the presidency and everybody like OK BUT HIS IPHONE PASSWORD IS 00000

— Laura Bassett (@LEBassett) October 11, 2018

Kanye’s iPhone password being all zeroes is a testament to his genius. I mean, would y’all have guessed all zeroes?

He’s got that inter-dimensional genius, y’all. Hiding in plain sight.


— Caleb Dume (@pfunk1130) October 11, 2018

I can’t wait for the ‘actually six zeros is a great iPhone password’ take

— Ethan Wolff-Mann (@ewolffmann) October 11, 2018

But just because your password doesn’t take after Kanye’s doesn’t mean you’re actually secure. If you have a newer iPhone, Face ID has improved since its rollout last year and a password manager for online services can safeguard the countless vulnerable logins you deal with every day.

As CNET’s own Alfred Ng suggests, we should all review the strength of our passcodes before pointing fingers.

lotta people here acting like their own iPhone passwords are the pinnacle of security

— alfred 🆖 (@alfredwkng) October 11, 2018

As for Kanye’s iPhone security, as we’ve already learned, it’s hard to tell him anything.

More Info: cnet.com

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